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====== Ongoing MSc Theses ====== ====== Ongoing MSc Theses ======
-  - Raşit Mete Eşrefoğlu, Wearable Computers for Continuous Activity Monitoring +  - Rasit Mete Esrefoglu, Service Oriented Networking in SDN Orchestrated Multi-tier Cloud Systems 
-  - Faruk Açan, Activity Recognition for Pervasive Healthcare+  - Huseyin Temiz, SLA-Driven QoS-Aware Routing Application for SDN  
 +  - Nezihe Pehlivan, Real Time Fall Risk Assesment as a Service  
 +  - Anil Ozmen, IoT Based Home Automation System Design with Disaster Monitoring and Reporting Capability  
 +  - Burcin Camci, Sleep Quality Analysis and Apnea Detection with Smartphones 
 +  - Barıs Yamansavascilar, Fault Tolerant SDN Systems 
 +  - Gorkem Karadeniz, Low Power WAN Design for IoT 
====== Completed MSc Theses ====== ====== Completed MSc Theses ======
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