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Sinan Işık
Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Computer Engineering
Bogazici University
34342 Bebek, Istanbul
Tel: 0 (212) 359 7330
E-mail: isiks[at]boun.edu.tr

Research Interests

Reliable Data Delivery in Wireless Networks, Design and Analysis of Cross-Layer Protocols for Wireless Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks, Performance Evaluation in Computer Networks



  1. Sinan Işık, Load Balanced Forwarding in Multimedia Wireless Sensor Network, Ph.D. Thesis, Bogazici University, September 2011.
  2. Sinan Işık, Design and Implementation of WISPOT Servers, M.Sc. Thesis, Bogazici University, June 2003.


  1. S. Isik, M. Y. Donmez, C. Ersoy: Multi-Sink Load Balanced Forwarding with a Multi-Criteria Fuzzy Sink Selection for Video Sensor Networks, Computer Networks, Vol. 56, No 2, pp. 615-627, February 2012
  2. S. Isik, M. Y. Dönmez, C. Ersoy: Cross Layer Load Balanced Forwarding Schemes For Video Sensor Networks, Ad Hoc Networks, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp 265-284, 2011.
  3. S. Isik, M. Y. Donmez, C. Ersoy: Itinerant Delivery of Popular Data via WIDE Hot Spots. MONET 11(2): 297-307 (2006)
  4. M. Y. Donmez, S. Isik, C. Ersoy: Dissemination of Popular Data in Distributed Hot Spots, pp. 15-19, Vol: V, No:1, Upgrade, February 2004
  5. M. Y. Donmez, S. Isik, C. Ersoy: Combined Analysis of Window Size and Duty Cycle for Throughput and Energy Optimized SMAC Operation”, under review in Ad Hoc Networks
  6. M. Y. Donmez, S. Isik, C. Ersoy: Analysis of a Prioritized Contention Model for Multimedia Wireless Sensor Networks, submitted to ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks

Conference Proceedings

  1. C. Tunca, M. Y. Donmez, S. Isik, C. Ersoy, Halka Yönlendirme: Hareketli Çıkış Düğümlü Kablosuz Algılayıcı Ağlar için Enerji Gözeten bir Protokol, 20. Sinyal İşleme ve İletişim Uygulamaları Kurultayı, SIU 2012, Fethiye, Nisan 2012.
  2. (Invited Paper) C. Sonmez, S. Isik, M. Y. Donmez, O. D. Incel, C. Ersoy, SUIT: A Cross Layer Image Transport Protocol with Fuzzy Logic Based Congestion Control for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks, accepted to IFIP NTMS 2012 - Mobility & Wireless Networks track, May 2012.
  3. S. Isik, M. Y. Donmez, C. Ersoy: Reliable Delivery of Popular Data Services in WIDE. ISCIS 2004: 289-298
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