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Sensor Ontology Page

The application of ontologies for sensor spaces in general and home care in specific is being investigated.

We are in the very early stages of this exploration. A very brief description follows.

The general idea is to define ontologies for:

  • Spaces — inbabitated spaces i.e. Home
  • Zones — physical or virtual partitions of spaces, i.e. rooms
  • Sensors — devices that measure various properties, i.e. accelerometer
  • Person — basic information about a person, i.e. our favorite person now is Remzi Dede
  • Activity — human activities: stand, lie down, sit, sit down, get up, fall, etc.
  • Response — a response to an event. i.e. and alarm to falling down
  • Server — a central machine that gathers sensor data and interprets it

We start with a very simple scenario, where the following are defined

  1. TAM house: a space
  2. kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and entry: zones in TAM house
  3. Remzi dede: a person
  4. accelerometer and thermometer: sensors
  5. TAM server: Server in entry of TAM house

The scenario is basically:

  1. Accelerometer ia a wearable sensor, which is worn by Remzi Dede
  2. Server reads data from accelerometer and thermometer
  3. Accelerometer data is interpreted in order to detect fall activity
  4. Remzi Dede falls :(
  5. The fall activity is detected
  6. Red Alarm response is issued

The ontologies developed will be discussed in the upcomming meeting.

The requirements document for the WeCare software is here.

Generalized brainstorming document is here

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