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Emre Yunus Emre Üstev
MSc Alumni
Department of Computer Engineering
Bogazici University North Campus
ETA, 47, 34342 Bebek, Istanbul
Web: http://www.cmpe.boun.edu.tr
E-mail: emre.ustev.2015 "at" alumni.boun.edu.tr
LinkedIn: Yunus Emre Üstev

Research Interests

Mobile Phone Sensing, Participatory Sensing, Activity Recognition.



  1. Yunus Emre Üstev, User, Device, Orientation and Position Independent Human Activity Recognition on Smart Phones, M.Sc. Thesis, Bogazici University, February 2015.

Conference Proceedings

  1. Üstev, Y.E., Ersoy, C. and Incel, O.D. User, Device and Orientation Independent Human Activity Recognition on Mobile Phones: Challenges and a Proposal. In Adj. Proc. UbiComp'13, Ubiquitous Mobile Instrumentation (UbiMI'13)
  2. (Turkish) E. Toplan, Y.E Ustev, O.D. Incel and C. Ersoy, Eylem Tanıma ile Şehir Dinamiklerini Elde Etmek, Akademik Bilişim 2013, Antalya, Ocak 2013.
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