Completed Bs Projects

Fall 2014

  1. Utku Mert, quattro: iOS data collection,
  2. Anil Ozmen, Serdar Kuzucu: Crowd sourced campus wide data collection,
  3. Gorkem Karadeniz: Infrastructureless Delay Tolerant Emergency Communication,
  4. Nezihe Pehlivan: Annotation and Data visualization tool,
  5. Mustafa Demirel, Admir Nurkoviç: Smart Routing for traffic vehicles,
  6. Eren Hukumdar: Attention detection with google Glass,
  7. Denizhan Erdem: Implementation of Group Key agreement Protocols,
  8. Berkant Kepez, Abdulmecit Ozdemir: Monitoring Cultural Lifestyle differences,
  9. Ali Aker: Movement Disorder Monitor,

Previous Terms

  1. User State Tracking Using Smartphones, Mehmet Sönercan, Sinan Dinçer, June 2011, (Source Code,Report)
  2. Controlling a Virtual Helicopter with Hand Gestures, Alper Akbal, İsmail Ege Akpınar, June 2011, (Report)
  3. Implementation of Diff-MAC Protocol, Andrey Ilin, June 2010 (Source Code, Report).
  4. Event Based Fairness in Wireless Sensor Networks, Arden Dertat, June 2010 (Source Code and Report).
  5. Web-based Video Conferencing, Hakan Selvi, Enes Ataberk, June 2010 (Source Code, Report, User Manual and Installation Guide).
  6. Implementing Fall Detection and ECG monitoring with Wireless Sensors Networks, Onur Dündar, June 2010, (Source Code and Report and Installation Guide).
  7. Implementing a Fall Detector and Location Presenter on a Smartphone, M.Eray Koçak,Gökberk Ergün, June 2010,(Source Code and 492_final_report_eray_gokberk.pdf and Installation Manual) and User Guide.
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