About ASMA Project

    The project was first started in October, 1998 with the support of BU Research Fund. The aim of the project was to develop a high performance network-based multicomputer for numerically intensive applications.

    During the first phase of the project(October, 1998 - September, 1999), we setup a 4-node, ATM and Ethernet based Beowulf cluster and performed several system and application benchmarks on this small prototype system. As a result of this work, we gathered enough know-how and motivation to establish a larger system which would be used as a production system to attack big problems in the fields such as Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) and Earthquake Engineering.

    In the second phase of the project (which was started in September, 1999), we eventually gave the name ASMA to the whole effort. Asma means grapevine in Turkish and it was chosen in order to imply several clusters interconnected in our university.

    Since Sept'99, we added 25 new nodes to the system with the support of TUBITAK. The nodes in the new system are interconnected by a Fast Ethernet switch.

    You can see the detailed configuration of our cluster in "Technical Specifications" page.

A detailed document describing the ASMA Project is available (MS Windows doc file)

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