CmpE 491 and CmpE 492 Projects

Registration Form

Lastname and Name of Student


Lastname of Project Advisor



Project Title



Course and Semester (Circle):

CmpE 491 CmpE 492 Fall Spring

Project Advisor : Sign and Date


Coordinator : Sign and Date



Instructions for 491/492 Project Selection and Registration

  1. Read project descriptions posted by CmpE project advisors, discuss projects you are interested in with project advisors and decide on a project.
  2. Fill the registration form out and get the approval of your project advisor. Create a photocopy of the approved form.
  3. Get the approval of CmpE 491/492 coordinator. The current coordinator is Dr. M. Ufuk Çağlayan.
  4. Return the registration form, approved by the 491/492 coordinator, to your project advisor, then your CmpE 491/492 registration is complete.
  5. Repeat above steps if you want to make a change in your project selection.
  6. During the semester, you should occasionally check CmpE 491/492 signboard at ETA Second Floor for notices regarding deadlines and other important information.