CmpE 491 and CmpE 492 Projects

Rules and Regulations

Project Selection:

  1. CmpE seniors should read project descriptions posted by CmpE project advisors (at ETA Second Floor and/or possibly somewhere near the offices of project advisors and/or CmpE web pages), discuss projects they are interested in with project advisors, decide on a project and then complete the project registration process as described in CmpE 491 and CmpE 492 Registration Form.
  2. CmpE 491 is offered to students with sufficiently high GPA (currently above 3.00) and with interest to carry out a much more complex project. CmpE 491 projects will continue in the following semester as CmpE 492 projects, therefore switching into another CmpE 492 project will not be allowed. Such complex and long projects will be anounced by the interested faculty seperately. Note that CmpE 491 counts as any CmpE elective.
Grading : CmpE 491 and CmpE 492 grades are based on the following properties of your work.

- Midterm Progress Report 20%

- Quality of your project work 30%

- Final Report 25%

- Presentation 15%

- Attendance to presentations 10%

Midterm Progress Reports
  1. Each CmpE 491 and CmpE 492 project student should prepare a midterm progress report and submit it to the project advisor on or before the deadline announced for that semester.
  2. Midterm progress reports should include a description of the project and reflect the part of the work done until the report deadline. Midterm progress reports should be in a format similar to the project final report, but less comprehensive in content.

Project Final Reports :

  1. All project final reports are due on the date and time of your presentation. At least two copies of the final report should be submitted to the project advisor, one copy for the project advisor and one copy for the departmental repository. Both copies should be at least spiral bound (or better). A student may get I (Incomplete and automatically F later) grade if he/she does not submit the departmental copy and return all material that were borrowed from the project advisor.
  2. A guide to write project midterm and final reports is available in paper form from Aygül Şıhmanoğlu in ETA 301 and in machine readable form on the CmpE web server  or
Presentations :
  1. Students should give a 30 minutes presentation of the project work on the presentation days to be announced. 20-25 minutes of the presentation are for the description of your work and the remaining 5-10 minutes are for questions and answers.
  2. Students should reserve a 30 minutes slot on the Project Presentation Schedule, which will be available at the office ETA301. Reservations are First Come First Serve! Students should make sure that their advisors agree on the date/time of their presentation !
  3. Students should prepare a transparency presentation, consisting of 10-15 clearly readable and landscape oriented transparencies. The presentation should include the goal, significance and summary of the project, some details of the work, and finally the conclusions.
  4. Presentations will be attended by other faculty, if possible.
  5. Attendance to at least 50% of presentations of all other students is required. Attendance will be checked and graded.