Java Based -SIP Client

Documents Submitted to Prof. M. Ufuk Çağlayan:

SIP Programming Overview PPT - Presentation 
SIP Summary, Brief Summary of SIP
SIP Parser - Document About ANTLR
SIP Client Proposal
SIP Programming Essentials
Our SIP Agent Screen Shots
Project Progress Report & Refences Not Cited in the Report
Project Report Presentation


Internet Engineering Tast Force Documents on SIP:

Proposed Standart, February 1999
RFC 2543 Network Working Group Standart Draft, March 1999
IETF SIP Working Group Information
RFC 2543bis-05, A completely editorially revised version of the SIP specification, Octobar 2001.
(Expires April 2002)
SIP Related Internet Drafts
Draft History, The History of Internet Drafts Feb 1996 - March 1999


Java & SIP:

JAIN  API Homepage
JAIN SIP API (Final Release)
Java SIP Community


SIP Tutorials & Technical Documents:

SIP For Dummies, Tutorail from HotSip.
SIP Tutorial from Jiri Kuthan and Dorgham Sisalem
SIP vs. H323 Service Application Comparison by Glasmann J et. al.
Session Initiation Protocol, SIP by Henning Schulzrinne
Internet Telephony and Multimedia, Status and Directions by  Henning Schulzrinne
Next Generation Telephony by Thomas Duomas and
SIP Overview, Radvision Company.
Dynamicsoft SIP Presentations Page
SIP Books

Several SIP Implamentations:

SIP Server List, Existing SIP server implamentations for testing & debugging.
NIST, Natioanl Institute of Standard and Technology
 NIST SIP Package

oSIP,Open source SIP stack
SIP Center Testbed
SIP Libraries:
Pallavi Nayak's Java & C++ Library.

SIP Agents:
Vovido Sip Agent
SIP Center User Agent
Ubiquity Sip Agent
Hughes Company, Ez Phone Agent
Dynamicsoft SIP Agent, Java JAIN AIP & C++
Speak Freely Organization Internet Phone

SIP Communities:

SIP Forum, A platform where people share their knowledge about SIP.
SIP Center, A portal for commercial development of SIP software.
IPTEL Organization, IP Telephoning and related subjects.
IETF SIP Charter , IETF Working Group Information

SIP Mailing Lists:

Coloumbia University Mailing List
Bell Lab Mailing List on SIP
SIP INFORMER List, Sip Center.
Vovido Mailing List
JAIN Interest Groups

SIP Authors:

Henning Schulzrinne, Coloumbia University
Doug Montgomery, NIST IP-Tel Project Manager
Pallavi Nayak, Coloumbia Universtiy
Chris Harris, Dynamicsoft, Inc
Jonathan Rosenberg, Dynamicsoft Inc