E. Cayirci and C. Ersoy, A PCS based Architecture for Tactical Mobile Communications, Computer Networks, Vol:35, pp. 327-350, February 2001.

Abstract - In this paper, we propose a resource management technique which we named Virtual Cell Layout (VCL). Based on VCL, we developed mobility and location management schemes for a cellular architecture complemented by ad hoc components. In VCL, the area of communications is tessellated with regularly shaped fixed size virtual cells. The radio resources such as frequency carriers and scrambling codes are assigned to the fixed cells of this layout. The real cells which do not have to be identical in size to the virtual cells are mobile over VCL. Mobile base stations that make up the real cells use the radio resources assigned to the virtual cell in which they are located. The terminals of the system access to the network as they are the terminals of an ordinary cellular network. When the terminals are not in the coverage of any mobile base station, VCL helps them to be organized into clusters.

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