Tugcu T., C. Ersoy, "Application of a Realistic Mobility Model to Call Admissions in DS-CDMA Cellular Systems," accepted to Vehicular Technology Conference VTC'2001 Spring, Rhodes, Greece, May 2001.

Abstract - In this paper, we present a novel mobility model which is realistic in the sense that it captures the moving-ingroups, conscious traveling and inertial behaviors of the subscribers while respecting the non-pass-through feature of some structures like households, and preserving the autonomy of the subscribers. The mobility and call patterns of the subscribers are determined according to the locus of the subscriber over a real map. The model can work on real maps to simulate the mobility patterns in real life. We have evaluated the proposed model against the well-known way point mobility model.

A preliminary version of the paper in Adobe Acrobat (199 KBytes)

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