M. Y. Donmez, S. Isik and C. Ersoy, "Reliable Delivery of Popular Information Services in WIDE", LNCS 3280, ISCIS 2004, Antalya, October 2004.

Abstract - Wireless Information Delivery Environment (WIDE) is a distributed data dissemination system, which uses IEEE 802.11b technology. WIDE aims to deliver popular information services to registered mobile clients in WLAN hot spots. Data delivery is based on broadcasting and multicasting. System specific reliability mechanisms are needed because of the unreliable medium and transport protocol. Reliability is assured with a combination of the Forward Error Correction (FEC), the data carousel and the ARQ techniques. This paper presents the proposed system architecture with the details of reliable data delivery mechanisms. Performance evaluation results of the proposed reliability mechanisms using the implemented prototype are also included in this paper.

A preliminary version of the paper in Adobe Acrobat (222 KBytes)

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